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At SAGLAMER PLASTIK TIC. LTD. STI. quality is a kind of life-style. Our company applies this principle to its every production and service matters.

PRODUCT QUALITY: We aim to produce in a way that fits domestic and worldwide standards in all our departments and with all our staff. We are aware that we are a link of the quality chain that affects the human health and environment.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We are working to offer the most economical services and provide the customers needs and expectations in pre-sale and post sale activities. We know importance of the customers satisfaction and If you would like to be a leader in this sector, customers needs and expectations should be determined in quick way.

KEEPING TRACK OF NEW TECHNOLOGY: We are keeping a track of all kinds of new technology and applying them to our work in order to keep producing and providing service at world standards.

EMPLOYEE TRAINING AND TEAM SPIRIT: We prioritize employee training and team spirit in every level and we try to create synergy between departments and employees and to work shoulder to shoulder, supporting each other.

ETHICS AND ENVIRONMENT: In producing, managing and marketing, we are determined to act ethically and to continue with our work being eco-friendly at all times.

«We offer to you,our precious customers first class quality products with our  high quality service at economical prices…


SAGLAMER PLASTIK that takes part in slipper and shoe sector was founded by HASAN SAGLAMER over 50 years ago in Gaziantep, in 1960s starting with producing pvc shoes. Afterwards, it started producing pvc slippers in 1980, polyurethane slippers and soles in 1989, eva slippers in 2006 and widened its production range. It also founded its production Read More »